How To Choose A Reliable Roofing Contractor

A roof repair or replacement of a roof can be needed for many reasons because things happen in life be it acts of nature and storms, age of the roof, or an old tree falling on a house or a commercial building. Whatever the situation could be the very first step is perhaps the most crucial and important step. And, that step is to choose a trusted professional to do the job. In deed, getting the right roofing company or independent roofing contractor is vital to ensure a quality job is performed on one’s property whether it is residential or commercial. Although that feeling of having to get the job done quickly will be there so that things and one’s life can return to some normalcy as soon as possible, one still would need to make a very careful choice in getting the right professional. There are several things that should be considered when selecting someone to get the job done. Here, one can find tips on getting the best professional to do the needed repair or replacement of a roof. 

One, start locally. Yes, local referrals is the place to start. One has probably already heard the horror stories of the scammers and the fly by nighters roofers who rush in after a storm or disaster only to get some up front money and leave. Some even stay to finish the job leaving behind a low quality job with many problems and issues to arise only after they have gone. Getting local referrals increases the chances of having a quality job done because these professionals will have knowledge of the local code and regulations of the rules that must be followed. In most cases, a relationship with area suppliers and roofing crews has already been established and the professional can simply get the job done without a lot of hassle. 

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Two, one should look for a professional who has manufacturer designations. This is almost a sure fire way of knowing that the professional being considered to do the job is among the best as these contractors are factory certified meaning they have passed at least the minimum requirements to have the honor of earning those particular credentials and designations. It is important to note here that the manufacturers vary with requirement as some requirements are more stringent depending on the manufacturer. For example, the General Aniline & Film, most commonly known as GAF has more rigid requirements to wear that badge of honor of having manufacturer designations. At the very top of GAF designations, GAF has what is called Master Elite Contractors. These particular contractors are the top 2% who can only use their high designation in a storm area.

Three, check the ratings that the Better Business Bureau have on the contractor that is being considered. This is to help protect you from the scammers and fly by nighters; as previously mentioned, these are the ones who come looking for work after a storm and leave after getting a few upfront dollars or stay to complete a low quality job with many issues and problem discovered later with them being nowhere to be found. If the contractor is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, this is a sign not to do business with them. Something special to note here is that in order to keep Master Elite Contractor certification with GAF, GAF requires that their top 2% maintain good ratings with the Better Business Bureau which can be easily checked on their website.

Four, while all of these things discussed are very important, one can not overlook something just as critical and that is getting an extensive warranty. Not all warranties are the same; therefore, one should ensure that the contractor offers a warranty that is extensive and includes their workmanship. Just think if the roof has been installed incorrectly by the contractor with months or even years passing only to find issues and problems because of their workmanship, the insurance will not pay. The repair will have to come from one’s own pocket if the contractor simply refuses to fix the issues and problems or if the contractor is no longer operating their business. Therefore, another reason to consider a Master Elite Contractor is the fact that they can offer the Golden Pledge Warranty which is known to be one of the best extensive warranties covering workmanship for one of the longest lengths of time. 

Last, a good contractor will offer help in selecting the best material.

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